Dello Russo LaserVision Helps Eliminate Reading Glasses with Bifocal LASIK

Dello Russo LaserVision is excited to announce that their bifocal LASIK, an eye surgery that often eliminates the need for glasses after LASIK, has become one of the most popular surgeries among middle-aged patients in the past year.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, a well-known LASIK surgeon, who played a prominent role in the clinical trials as a former FDA researcher by helping to develop and improve the laser surgery procedure now known as LASIK surgery, says that bifocal LASIK works best with people who need glasses for far as well as near-bifocal glasses.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “Some folks have perfect distance vision, but need only reading glasses. A portion of these people can be successful with bifocal LASIK, but not everyone.” That is why Dr. Joseph Dello Russo stresses the fact that he must personally evaluate each candidate for this surgery.

There is no exact cure for what is called presbyopia or loss of reading ability with age. It is just part of getting older. But the family of Dello Russo Laser Vision has begun a new research towards this miracle! They are pursuing a new theory about the true cause of presbyopia, something that has not yet been pursued.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “We don’t have a perfect cure yet, but in the meantime we are making a lot of people happy with bifocal LASIK.”