What is Presbyopia?
Presbyopia in Greek means “old eye.” So when presbyopia starts to develop sometime around age 40, you’ll find that the natural lenses and surrounding parts of your eyes have grown too rigid to accommodate focus from far to near — and back again. It is the inability of the eye to focus at all distances, usually noticed when fine print starts to blur.

What is bifocal LASIK?
Monovision (bifocal) LASIK is allowing one eye to see best for distance and the other eye see for close. Not everyone can adjust to this type of correction. We spend a great deal of time before any surgery to demonstrate monovision to patients. Not everyone can adjust to bifocal LASIK.

 Is Bifocal LASIK painful?
The procedure itself is not painful since medication is administered to make you feel comfortable. Post operatively, most patients experience little or no discomfort. After the procedure, your eyes may feel scratchy, gritty, or watery. These are temporary symptoms and are not a problem for most patients.

How does Bifocal LASIK work?
The procedure is called “monovision.” With monovision, a person will opt to have one eye fully corrected for distance vision by laser eye surgery. Meanwhile the other eye is left slightly under corrected for intermediate or near vision. The result is that with both eyes together many patients can see distance and near objects.

 How much work will I miss after my bifocal LASIK surgery?
Most patients return to their normal activities the day after the procedure. The refractive counselor can give you more details on what you can expect when you come in for an evaluation. You can also visit our Pre and Post-Operative section for greater detail on this!

What kind of vision can I expect the day after surgery?
Many patients notice improved vision immediately after the procedure (about 90% improvement). Patients continue to see a gradual increase in their visual acuity during the first few days after the procedure.

Does Dello Russo have financing plans?
There are various financing plans available, and we’ll work with you to develop a flexible payment plan to meet your requirements. Our counselors will be happy to go over the details with you when you come in for your free evaluation. We work with several lenders to help get you the best and most affordable option available!

Can both eyes be done at the same time?
Because of the advanced technology associated with Bifocal LASIK Vision Correction, both eyes are most often treated at the same time!

Who is the candidate for bifocal LASIK?
Monovision is used on about 40 percent of our surgery patients, so age is no longer an issue, as long as the eyes are healthy and measurements are good.